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Feriado: Memorial Day

Segunda – 27 de Maio de 2013

Querido Diário,

Hoje aqui é feriado de Memorial Day. Acho que falei sobre esse feriado aqui antes (veja aqui). Não tenho nada de mais pra contar hoje, só tô passando mesmo pra não quebrar a rotina. Muitas au pairs ficam em dúvida se trabalham ou não em feriados, não tem regra pra isso, vai depender da sua host family. A minha me dá todos os feriados off, então eu nunca precisei trabalhar em nenhum. Isso é algo que é bom conversar com a sua host family logo depois que você chega (ou antes, se tiver coragem e vontade!). É bom saber porque aí você pode se planejar, viajar e zás.

Mas enfim, vou deixar aqui um texto de um radialista americano que vi no Facebook, dando o ponto de vista dele sobre o dia de hoje:

We often say of someone we love, “I would give my life for him or her”. Today is the day set aside in our great country to show our appreciation to the brave Americans who literally gave their lives for us. Do you ever sit and wonder why someone would do that? I know the answer is, “to preserve our freedom”, but it goes much deeper than that. It takes a special kind of person to face bullets,bombs, swords, & cannons in the ultimate sacrifice so that the people of the land they love will get to live another day free from tyranny and torture. They’ve braved freezing temperatures, stormed foreign beaches, tip toed through mysterious and dangerous jungles, marched through burning deserts, patrolled 3rd world cities with enemies around every corner just so we the people back home can continue to live in the freest most liberated and prosperous land in world history. 

I guess for me the answer to the question, “Why do they do it?” is, they know that being an American is the greatest blessing anyone can have. If we were not first blessed to be Americans, we wouldn’t have the freedom to pursue all the happiness and other blessings that follow. We would not be free to worship as we wish. We would not be free to wed the person we love most. We would not be allowed to raise our children with OUR values instead of the values of an oppressive government. We would not be allowed to act upon our natural human desires to prosper and make the best of ourselves, and those things, to someone of valor, are worth dying for! Every time we allow some politician to con us out of a smidgen of that freedom in the name of convenience or “safety”, we are doing a huge disservice to those who died to preserve our sovereignty! Every death of a U.S. Serviceman represents American Pride and Patriotism. Far too often in our nation today those two things are frowned upon and considered “offensive” or “uncivilized”. Where would we, as a free people, be if our fallen heroes had felt the same way? I shutter to think. 

Speaking for myself and no one else here, I proudly and humbly speak these words to my God at least twice every day, “Thank you Lord for the brave men and women who fight for our freedom.” I am so thankful to live in a nation with people who are to this day living and dying by the words Patrick Henry spoke during the days of our Revolution, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Happy Memorial Day – TJ

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